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The culture of furniture wickerwork was brought to Russia in the end of the 18 century by prince D. V. Golitsyn, impressed with European home interiors. In the beginning foreign specialists worked at the prince’s estate, and furniture design was ordered in France, but soon a whole constellation of domestic specialists of wickerwork were educated, and osier was empirically chosen as the main material. However, in the Soviet Union the culture of wickerwork was practically abolished as ‘extravagance of decadent capitalism’ and was saved only thanks to the few enthusiasts. We have revived the art of wickerwork and we skillfully combine age-old traditions with modern technologies.

Staratel company has been creating high-class handmade white willow wicker furniture for 8 years.

White willow is a special type of tree which grows along the banks or the Ural river (Russia).  Specially soaked and bent into a finished piece, the willow is incredibly durable and light, resistant to water, frost and scolding sun, doesn’t dry up or rot. That’s why our furniture is perfect for indoor use, for saunas and pavilions, as well as for street restaurants in countries with any kind of climate.

We use expensive Italian varnish and paints for furniture production, and our cushions are made of high-quality Turkish fabrics.

Staratel produce stand out not only for its high quality and practically unlimited service life. Furniture dimensions of our competitors (Indonesia and China) are suitable for South-East Asia residents, but are often too small for people from Europe, America and Middle East. Our models will make even the most full-figured person feel comfortable, with any armchair supporting no less than 160 kg.

Our own design studio continuously develops new furniture models, which are unrivalled in the rest of the world, and it creates unique customized interiors. At the wish of the client we can manufacture furniture of any dimensions and colours.

We carry out the full manufacturing cycle, starting from growing willow on our own plantations and ending with creating end produce at our factory in Yekaterinburg (Russia), which allows us to control the quality of work at all stages. Absence of intermediaries makes it possible for us to offer uniquely low prices for the furniture of this level of quality.

Whyosier, notrattan!


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